Why VisualPharm

We not only create designs. We also make sure you enjoy working with us.

We Deliver on Time

The popular cliché is that terrific designers are terrifically disorganized. But at VisualPharm just the opposite is true. We’ve got some of the most creative designers around, but at the same time we’re well organized and we pay attention to deadlines. Hey, our leading icon designer was in the army once, so he knows about discipline. And we’re time-management freaks — we keep organized so we can get things done.

Wanna check with our clients? Ask for references from any of them!

Why did I choose VisualPharm? Before that, I was searching through collections of free icons and contacted the artists. But they don’t mind it as a business. I send them an email and they reply in two months: “Yes, I can do icons for you”. In two months! Or, they start working but soon loose interest and stop responding to my emails.

Ola, author of Pixlr

We Explain

A lot of designers want to have as little as possible to do with their clients and don’t want to hear any criticisms or suggestions. But that’s not the way we do things at VisualPharm. We welcome client input because we know it’s part of the natural give and take that are necessary to develop the best possible product. We have to follow certain rules in UI design, and we’ve got reasons for all of our decisions — but we’re delighted to explain them to you. And delighted to hear what you’ve got to say.

Have a better idea? Tell us. Design solutions often involve trade-offs, but when you let us have your input and your insights, we can work together to choose the best possible solution.

I appreciate Ivan for explaining the reasons behind the design solutions. — Why the button should be like that and the text should be like that. This way, I am buying not only design, but also investing in my team’s professional education.

Mark Fedin, CEO of Newsland

We Are Supportive

Often designers require detailed information from the client. And we know that compiling all that information sometimes requires a lot of work from you.

At VisualPharm, we want to spare you from some of that extra work. Don’t want to write 20 pages of UI specifications? Just give us the software and tell us what’s wrong with it. A short email is sufficient. Don’t have a list of the icons? Give us the software (or screenshots), and we’ll figure it out ourselves.

VisualPharm provides excellent support – they don’t ask too many questions, but they are great at proposing possible solutions and giving a good variety of options to choose from. Thus, our software benefited from their custom logos, and we now get many compliments on our look and feel.

Shiney Koshy, Vice President, Information Technology of International Fund Services