iphone app last hour

You have only one hour. Not two, not one and half, but just one. How would you spend it? You would do something really important, right? You wouldn't waste your time on something trivial, would you? We've created an application that lets you spend every hour as iа it was your last hour. Coming this autumn. Would you like to be one of the first to learn about it?

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Make a list of all you less-important tasks.
And you'll see that you almost don't have any time for the important ones. 

you have just one hour

One hour of your life. Not two, not one and a half. Would would you do? We suggest something important.

We're creating an application that will let you live each hour of your life as it was your last one.


Populate your day with all of your non-work related tasks.  Fill it with the time you spend on hygiene, food, transportation, watching movies, TV, Facebook, reading books, and other daily routine tasks (even reading this text :) Then you can clearly see that you don't end up with much more than one hour a day for the truly important tasks. Just one hour. If this hour was the last hour of your life, how would you spend it?



The interface means everything. And mobile interfaces design is what we specialize in. 

The interface will be unique. It will be different, but some but some of it is hard to notice. For example, we spent $3 400 of our personal money to experiment in learning how to edit the task blocks using a touch-screen. The blocks are now more comfortable to use, and they look like this: 

when it will be launched?

We are planning to launch this autumn. As for October 19th, we'll be busy with the following tasks: 

  • Visual management
  • Time Interpreter (which will be able to understand text input work at 2pm for 3hours)
  • Works with daily history and templates
  • Sharing! What start-up can exist without it?

other mobile applications

Icons are the 'new text'
While working on the design for Tic Toc Timers, we've developed a method to replace typing text with simply clicking an icon. It means you click once, instead of typing dozens of keystrokes.

How do the sounds look?
Working on the design for Talkbits, we've created a new way to display audio files in the program so that they will be memorable.