Recently, icon fonts have become the rage among web developers because they provide them with various benefits that improve the design of a content page. Icon fonts come in various collections that are named depending on the characteristics of the font. This article will introduce you to Line Awesome, a rich collection of icon fonts, and compare it to Font Awesome, a popular collection of icon fonts.

Font Awesome - Line Awesome

Icon fonts are types of fonts that contain symbols and pictographs called simply as glyphs that can be styled using CSS just like regular text. This ability to style them using CSS has made them a popular choice of design features among web developers.

Lately, there has been a rise in the number of collections of icon fonts, which has increased a developer’s choices in design. For example, using Font Awesome maybe something that developer does not want because of personal preference and can instead choose to use Line Awesome, a collection of icon fonts that has clear line icons. In contrast, Font Awesome has icons that are block in design in that, instead of clear lines, they are composed of a solid fill. This difference in design shows the fine details that developers pay attention to, when selecting an icon font. Line Awesome is a great collection of icon fonts because they are made of vectors that can respond to CSS styling such as colors and size among other enhancing features. 

Line Awesome CSS styling eliminates the use of multiple images to achieve various interactive effects. In addition, line icons can be easily modified in order to be read by screen readers which provides for accessibility according to W3C guidelines. Line Awesome also has great support among web browsers for instance, IE4 and above in the case of internet explorer, which means, a wider audience will be reached, because there are no compatibility issues. Another advantage is that Line Awesome has a “plug and play” feature in that; it requires a few lines of code in order to work on webpage.

Line Awesome has being design to give developers an easy task when shifting from using Font Awesome without any problems. Line Awesome is a good choice for icon fonts because it also improves the loading speed and reduces file size on the web, as opposed to Font Awesome. Lastly Line Awesome is pixel perfect; meaning it utilizes every pixel in the screen available to produce a clean design that does not have a muddied look. Line Awesome produces sharp designs unlike the solid filled Font Awesome whose icons at times might seem clumsy. Pixel perfect icons enables the developer to spend time on more important matters such as interactivity instead of the look and feel of the pages. Lastly, pixel perfect icons also mean that Line Awesome icons can be resized without losing its elegant look. For example, Line Awesome can be used in 32x32 px grid while Font Awesome might start to crumble on grids beyond 14x14 px. These important considerations should therefore, enable a developer to choose Line Awesome for a great design.