Icons8 is home to a variety of free vector icons available for instant and free download. At Icons8 website, people can download icons in vector formats - SVG, EPS, PDF. The icons come in two categories, basic icons and logos, which can be easily downloaded at the website, free of charge.

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The basic icons are by definition the most commonly used icons, for example, the social media icons, that can be found in most websites. At Icons8 the basic icons come in various sizes and include both colored and black and white varieties of every vector icon. High quality, free vector social media icons can be found at the basic icons section of the icons8 website. On the other hand, the logos category includes free vector icons of a variety reputable companies in social media, entertainment, search engine, browsers, sports and many more, free vector icons. At icons8, the logos are can be found in both black and white form as well as in colored form.

Moreover, Icons8 enables you to choose a custom collection of the free vector icons that will be needed during development. Ensuring that only the needed vector icons are downloaded eliminates the need to download huge collections of vector icons that might not fully be used. It is also important to note that, at icons8 the free vector icons are available for download as many times as possible, completely free of charge. Providing developers with vector downloads, without limiting the number of downloads as well as the number of free vector icons per download, enables the developers to concentrate with design and not with the problems associated with searching for and downloading vector icons. The ability to download free vectors with no limit also makes icon8 the favorite website for most developers to download their free vector icons.

The free vector icons at icon8 are designed to reduce the amount of data sent over the internet, which will make your website faster and more responsive, enabling high quality service to a wider range of clients using a range of vector icons that enhance the look and feel of the content. In addition, various transformations can be performed on the free vector icons such as rotation, scaling and other various transformations, without affecting the quality of the free icons, further enhancing your website’s design.

Furthermore, the vector icons at icon8 are platform independent. Therefore, when it comes to ensuring compatibility and accessibility issues are well covered during design, the free vector icons are suitable. In order to be displayed in web content, vector icons need to be compatible with the web browsers. At Icon8 we make sure that the free vector icon downloads are compatible with most web browsers including IE4. The huge range of compatible browsers makes the free vector downloads most suitable for developers of websites and web applications, where the clients use a range of browsers.